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Merry Christmas Card (2022)

Originally created in 2014 with various changes over the years including smoking chimneys, extra cottages and terrain and wall alterations. Move around with the "arrow" keys, look around with the mouse.

Start the music by clicking the icon in top left corner. Raise the volume by tapping "U" key, lower by tapping "D" key. To turn off the music hit the "O" key. Retapping the "O" key will turn it back on.

The music is "Silent Night" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Devices : A,B using latest Chrome or Firefox browsers --- * Total File Size : 6.04Mb *

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A Low Poly Bridge (2020)

Created to show off the talents of Grant Abbitt who has a great Blender tutorial site on YouTube. Grant provided me with his original .blend file which I modified slightly-mainly renaming his objects to better understand what was where.

The total file size is large due to the 2024x2024px images Grant used, but the .babylon file is ony 122kb (4365 vertices).

The music is "There is Romance" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Devices : A,B and a Samsung S4 cellphone--- * Total File Size : 10.7Mb *

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A Child Is Born (2017)

Created to celebrate the birth of my first grandchild. The starting model is a 3D scan courtesy of the Usher Gallery, Lincoln (UK) and Oliver Laric. The original model was triangulated and had 250,000+ vertices, but was converted to quads and reduced to 35,800+ vertices for display in a webpage using Instant Meshes.

A "dirty vertex" texture was created in Blender to emphasis the shading

The music is "There is Romance" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Devices : A,B --- * Total File Size : 5.3Mb *

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The Man From Babylon (2016)

This originally started out as a test for how the Blender Babylon Exporter(BBE) would handle a simple IK rig that had been attached to a rigged character created in MakeHuman. However, after watching a video from a conference in Paris (in French), it developed into something a little more humourous (hopefully).

The number of mesh deform bones was reduced to 26 - the added 8 IK bones, used to create the animation but do not deform the mesh directly, are not exported by the BBE

Also a test of "Append" to add two different .babylon files to a single scene.

Devices : A,B --- * Total File Size : 5.9Mb *

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The Blue Lady (2014)

My first major creation two months after beginning experimentation with Babylon.js. The original file size for the animated mesh was 7.05Mb but huge improvements to the Blender Exporter by JCPalmer have reduced the file size to 2.72Mb.

The mesh was created with MakeHuman and animated with the MalkWalk plugin for Blender. The animation itself is from The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) BVH database available here.

Original royalty free music - "Bassa Island"- composed by Kevin Mcleod at

Devices : A,B --- * Total File Size : 3.69Mb *

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DNA Error (2014)

In 2014 a book was published claiming to have identified "Jack the Ripper" as one Aaron Kosminski by analyzing the DNA found on a "shawl" alleged taken from the scene of the murder of Catherine Eddowes (4th Ripper Victim).

The Eddowes connection to the "shawl" is based on a claim that the DNA shows a sequence mutation which is described as "314.1C". Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, the forensic scientist who invented DNA fingerprinting, describes this as an "error in nomenclature" for the very common sequence variation 315.1C. Wikipedia : Aaron Kosminski

The animated model shows how the end result for a mutation at 314 or 315 would be chemically identical.

Devices : A,B --- * Total File Size : 127 Kb *

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An Old Victorian House (2016)

The original Blender file for this old house comes from tutorials by Michael McCann of the Wayward Art Co. The modelling techniques used for the house are very good.

Michael provided the Blender file and gave permission to use his model as a test of BJS. The original model I got from Michael has 4 textures for the house - diffuse, normal, specular, and shadow. However, each texture is extremely large (5000+ x 5000+) - a massive browser download.

So for this test the model was modified in Blender to use only a diffuse texture (2048x2048) with baked in shadows

Devices : A,B,C --- * Total File Size : 7.7Mb - mainly the texture (2048x2048px)*

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Cassini Terrestial Globe 1790 (2016)

This little demo started out as looking like a simple task but it turns out that creating maps for these old globes was quite a complex business and the skills of the old globe makers is impressive

The globe makers created strips of textures called "gores" which were then glued onto a sphere. No NASA maps back then !!

I used map parts available at the David Rumsey Map Collection available under this CC licence (No Commercial Use) to create the final map. You can see the 12 "gores" (segments) at the map link.

Devices : A,B,C --- * Total File Size : 2.55Mb - mainly the globe texture (2048x2048px)*